Car accidents rarely happen without good reason. Although the weather and other natural factors can have an influence, it is normally the way a car is driven that determines whether it is likely to have an accident or not. But how about SUVs? Is there anything about the average SUV which means that even safe drivers are more likely to have an accident?

High Center of Gravity Could be a Rollover Potential

The statistics, provided by the National Highway Safety Administration, do seem to indicate that SUVs, as a group, have a greater tendency to have certain kinds of accidents, especially rollovers. The high center of gravity of this type of automobile is the main reason why its stability has been in question over the last few years.

Some rollover accidents that happened in the past have led to serious safety concerns about certain SUV models and even some instances in which the vehicles concerned have been recalled. However, these concerns should now be well known and any driver who drives a SUV, especially one that is heavily loaded and is driven on steep or rough surfaces needs to take extra care when rounding bends or maneuvering suddenly.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney if You Have Been Injured

If you have been in a car accident in which a SUV has been involved, whether you were the passenger in the SUV yourself or you were in the path of a SUV that had swerved out of control, then you should contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident. You will not be able to claim damages against the driver unless, of course, you or a family member in your vehicle has been injured. However, the sooner you make a claim, if this is justified, the better.

Driving a SUV safely so that its occupants and anyone else on the road are not hurt is a little like driving any larger vehicle which could be inherently more unstable and difficult to turn at speed as easily as a normal saloon car. It is also like driving when the weather is wet or icy or visibility is poor. There is no use blaming the environment for an accident if you as a driver has not adjusted and slowed down and are more careful. SUV drivers may still find that there is a greater chance of a rollover or other type of accident, but there are ways of driving their vehicle so that this doesn’t happen.

90% of car accidents are due to driver error. If you have been injured in a car accident in which someone else was not driving safely and caused the accident, you have every right to file a claim for the costs of the accident you have experienced and may still have to endure for weeks or months to come.

An experienced car accident attorney will have deal with hundreds of cases like yours before and will examine the circumstances behind your accident carefully. Not all SUV accidents are straightforward and there may be several factors involved in the accident which you have been unfortunate enough to get caught up with. If there are two or more reasons why the accident happened, then you may find that you will be advised to make a claim against all of these bodies at fault.

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