At least a 23-year-old man was died last Thursday evening after the jeep he was driving crashed heads on with a tractor trailer. The fatal collision happened at approximately 6:00 o’clock in the evening at Business Route 209.

Based on the Pocono Record, the victim was identified as Stephen L. Nordmark residing of Sciota who was driving his Jeep Wrangler going north along Business Route 209. He collided with a tractor trailer that was about turn onto Business Route 209 coming from an exit ramp off R-209.

The gigantic trailer sawed off the roof and front hood of the Jeep Wrangler. With Nordmark pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver was not injured in the accident Pennsylvania State Police are continuing their investigation of the crash.

Coroner Bob Allen of Monroe County identified the man who died in the wreck last Thursday at the Business Route 209 in Hamilton Twp. The fatality was a 23-year-old man from Sciota.

The autopsy was performed at the Hospital of Lehigh Valley.

Nordmark was killed when his Jeep 2001 Wrangler crashed into a tractor-trailer on along the Business Route 209 in Hamilton Twp.

According to Allen, Nordmark was traveling north along Business 209 when he collided with the tractor-trailer that was just entering the Route southbound from the exit ramp from Route 209. The force of the impact tore off the Jeep’s roof and front hood. The Jeep crashed under the truck and halted at the other side of it. The mishap took place a little before 6:00 o’clock in the evening as Allen pronounced the man dead at 6:21 that evening.

Donald Walsh resident of East Stroudsburg was identified as the truck driver was not critically injured. An accident reconstruction of the scene was done by State police at Swiftwater Thursday night.

Monroe County Coroner Bob Allen confirmed the death of a man from Monroe County last night when the vehicle he was operating collided into a rig at 209 Business Route in Hamilton Twp, according to Monroe County Coroner Bob Allen.

The truck driver did not sustain serious injury and cooperated in the investigation.

Last Friday, an autopsy was performed.

Allen stated that the driver was operating the Jeep 2001 Wrangler going north along 209 Business when he collided into the tractor-trailer while the rig was entering Business Route 209 coming from an exiting ramp of Route 209.

The top roof of the Jeep was ripped off as the small vehicle went under the gigantic truck and stopped on the other side of it. It was around 6:00 o’clock when the wreck happened and Allen pronounced the jeep driver dead 21 minutes after.

State police reported that the truck driver was not critically injured. Meanwhile the Swiftwater police reconstructed the scene of the accident of the accident last Thursday night

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Source: Truck Crash Pennsylvania Com


Source: Pocono Record Com


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